Home staging

Home staging

You are about to sell your home and you would like to increase its value in order to sell it faster? MJL Décor Design can help you thanks to its home staging service.

What Is Home Staging?

It is an art that aims to enhance the appearance of a property in order to sell it faster and/or at the best price. Home staging is thus a creative and daring work of psychology! We must achieve much with little, so as to minimize the customer's investment, while depersonalizing, de-cluttering, and highlighting the advantages of a property in order to please the greatest number of potential buyers.

Home staging aims to highlight the attractive and positive aspects of your home and thus allow it to appear in a new light. The expertise of MJL Décor Design in home staging can therefore be very useful for the transformation of your home.

We begin with a preliminary analysis of the work to be done, room by room, in recognition of your budget and then prepare a plan of work complete with deadlines. Then we proceed with the changes using the resources available or needed as required.

Finally, a staging or an atmosphere will be created to further improve the results and inspire the desired response in the future buyer.

Home staging is a smart investment. Do not hesitate to contact us to learn more about our services or to make an appointment for a home visit.

Turnkey Service

On Request

This package requires renovations and supervision that call upon the expertise of skilled workers. The owner of the house does not participate in the work. He will only see the metamorphosis: before and after.

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