Interior Design

Interior Design

All of the interior design projects that our company completes are marked by their originality, ingenuity, and style. We create custom designs that will meet your expectations.

We stand out from our competitors by our approach, our attentiveness, our attention to detail, respect for our customers' budgets, and the quality of our service. The knowledge and experience we have acquired over the years allow us to meet all your needs.

25 Years of Experience

MJL Décor Design, a team of 5 interior designers representing more than 25 years of experience, can help you transform any room in either the residential or commercial sector – whether a bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, basement, office, or a business, restaurant, or store.

Whether for an assessment of the work required, for advice on interior design, for drawing up plans or 3d modelling, MJL Décor Design will help you to see your project to completion.

It is worthwhile noting that if you are intending to remove walls or divisions, the advice of an interior designer is essential to avoid unpleasant surprises or accidents.

With our expertise, we can quickly produce the necessary plans for the realization of your work, precisely and meticulously. Taking into account your needs, your budget, as well as technical constraints and standards that must be respected, we will work with you to find the most advantageous solutions given your situation.

One-Stop Design Centre

MJL Décor Design is able to coordinate everything by offering, in one design centre, floorings, wall coverings, window and bed treatments, kitchen cabinets and bathroom vanities, plumbing fixtures, lighting, and much more ...

From the design plans to the final touches, we offer comprehensive and personalized services.

Interior design is both our passion and our mission.

Our interior design services are available at hourly or flat rates, depending on the size of your project.

Turnkey Formula

We offer a turnkey formula at all times so that you can take advantage of our comprehensive services. Let our team of experts manage your project so you can avoid the stress that comes with renovation projects.

For more information about our services, visit the dedicated sections on our website. To preview images of the most recent projects that MJL Décor Design has completed, please visit the "Projects" page on our website.

Have you ever wondered:

Decorator or interior designer?
The difference:
  • Holds a diploma in professional studies;
  • Has a unique flair;
  • Expert in the art of coordinating fabrics, paints, and wallpapers;
  • Also coordinates floor coverings, accessories, window treatments, and lighting;
  • Marries style and period to create a harmonious whole.
Interior Designer
  • Trained in design at a recognized school;
  • Combines the talents of an decorator with those of a designer, planner, and supervisor;
  • Has the expertise to carry out the concept, plans, and specifications, taking into account the environmental constraints as well as the customer's needs and budget;
  • May completely revamp a space or transform a room, giving it a new purpose and designing custom furniture;
  • Also specializes in existing plans, demolition, construction, reflected ceiling panels, development plans, finishing plans, furniture details, and changing or revising colour schemes as required;
  • Has developed a network of contacts and is surrounded by experts: contractors, carpenters, plumbers, electricians, etc.;
  • Can complete the purchase of items of decorative items, furniture, and accessories and find the perfect item to delight you and harmonize your décor.

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